Sunday, November 4, 2007

Beware of GParted

I was in a hurry to create a new partition with Gparted v0.3.3.2 based
on libparted v1.7.1 which appears to be the latest in the Gutsy
repository as of now. There appears to be a strange bug that will do
nasty things to your partition table after you apply your changes and
close the program before it had a chance to repopulate the list of
partitions. I was left with an empty drive, and to be sure I ran "fdisk
/dev/sda" from a live CD which seems to prove that.
Doing a quick Google search I discovered TestDisk and attempted to
recover my lost data. The tool did an excellent job and recovered
everything, it also sets up the MBR from the first root partition, this
was not my original setting as I had it setup from another Linux root