Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ontario Linux Fest

Arrived at 8:15, registered and headed to the first presentation called "Howto write a linux kernel module". Never really fiddled with kernel level coding before but I was surprised to learn that it was much easier then I previously thought. The presenter Robert Day from crashcourse was good at walking though the code and showing us simple "hello world" like examples of kernel modules and how to load them.

"Linux forecast through 2020" was another interesting presentation by Dr. John Nash who predicted among other things the fall of Microsoft.

I was pleased to hear Louis Suarez-Potts from OOo mentioning Seneca College. He noted the success of Mozilla work that we have done and how similar student contribution can help OOo in its development.

The morning key note was held by Theodore Ts'o. Here he is finishing off with a userfriendly.

The other presentations I attended were Gnome, Eclipse IDE, performance tuning for High-traffic web sites.

In the exhibition hall I bumped into Cesar and Lukas who did a good job at promoting the next FSOSS.

Finally maddog closed the fest with a ending keynote on LTSP.

Monday, October 1, 2007


Found a cool script to install the latest version of Firefox, Seamonkey and Thunderbird on Ubuntu.